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Published: 24th November 2011
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If you’re like me you dream of the day when you can work from the comfort of your home and earn a great living from your internet-based business. I’ve tried the virtually all the marketing methods - ppc, cpa marketing, traffic exchange marketing, email marketing, forum marketing, blogging, adsense and affiliate marketing and have never made more than a few dollars. Maybe enough for a meal here or there, but I’ve never made enough to pay any bills. The worst part is when my family asks what I’m doing on the computer all the time. I have nothing to talk about except my dreams and desires.

Just last week, I sold 5 books on Amazon. Now for me this was great! A banner week you might say, but if anyone asked me how much I made after mailing the books to my customers and paying Amazon its fees, I’d have to admit it was just made a couple of bucks. I bought myself a nice breakfast. However, the big bonus was - by getting a direct deposit, my bank doesn’t charge me to maintain my account for that month! Woohoo!

Well… a few weeks ago I decided that I was going to figure out what all those marketers who claim to be making a living from the internet were doing. I began my quest for the holy grail of IM once again. Funny enough, my search led me to reconsider a type of marketing that I thought I would never be able to do – article marketing. I use to think - no way, I’m not a writer. But I decided to not let anything get in my way this time – including my fear of writing.

I recalled a few months back coming across a guy named T Dub Jackson and something he called, bum marketing. I had opted into his newsletter, but never paid much attention to his marketing ideas.

So, I went to my inbox to see if I still had the emails. Nope. Not there. I, next, googled Ole ‘T dub’ and found his site and. I read the free online course again, but something different happened. This time the lights came on. I decided to give it a try. I figured I’d make a grand experiment of the whole thing. What did I have to lose?

You need to pick the right kind of keywords.

Article marketing, or Bum Marketing, relies on discovering and utilizing low competition keywords. A low competition keyword is a phrase used by passionate buyers with BIG problems who are actively seeking solutions. Sprinkling these types of phrases carefully throughout your articles and websites makes it possible for you to get ranked highly for those particular phrases in the search engines. Getting highly ranked means you will be able to place your products right in front of the highly motivated buyer with ease.

What are Instacash Keywords?

InstaCash Keywords is a service which sends a list of high searched, low competition keywords to your inbox daily. These keywords are hand-picked by Travis Sago and Matt Davis to help you dominate passionate, ready-to-buy niches. These niches are where you find people who need your products or services and are ready to buy. Your job is to get the people with BIG problems together with the products or services you sell and build rapport.

How can InstaCash Keywords help you make money?

The service provides you with handpicked keyword phrases that can rank well because of their lack of competition. This high page ranking is what drives traffic to your blogs and websites.

By providing you with targeted keywords that are expertly chosen from evergreen markets where the potential buyers are highly motivated to buy and are actively seeking solutions to BIG problems puts you ahead ofyou’re your competitors. Instacash Keywords, also, provides you with helpful insights into how to best target a particular hungry crowd as Travis calls highly passionate buyers.

You will receive between one to two dozen keywords to keep you from experiencing keyword overload and the service will save you valuable time. Now, you can focus you time on other pursuits, maybe even see what you family’s faces look like. Keyword research can be very time consuming. But the best part about Instacash Keywords is…it puts you smack dab in front of niche markets that many have thought could never be penetrated…not to mention successfully competed in.

How do you use Instacash keywords?

You simply place the keywords in the URL of your site, in the title of your articles and carefully add them throughout your articles. By doing this, not only, will your articles get indexed quickly by the search engine spiders roaming the internet, your articles will eventually get ranked for your specific keyword. This high searched, low competition keyword is your calling card to the niche you’re targeting. All you have to do is create the content and match it to your chosen keywords.

Using your Instacash Keywords in this way guarantees, you will drive highly motivated buyers specifically to your offers. And the best part is, with a little link love, you can increase the ranking of your article eventually to the top of the page. A higher ranking means more visitors. More highly motivated visitors means more sells.

The perfect solution for anyone who wants to make money using the internet?

I believe Instacash Keyords is the solution to your keyword research problems because with these keywords phrases, I am using the same language that the reader is using while performing their searches. Now all I have to do is get in front of these potential buyers with articles, ads or websites that shows you have the solution to their problems, build trust and rapport and get paid. Instacash keywords is the solution for putting your offers in front of the ‘hungry crowds’ yearning for your products and services.

What reservations might the reader have to buying the product?

Initially, I was very skeptical about the value of the keywords and the niches that the service would provide. You know with all the scams on the internet you rarely find an honest egg in the bunch. However, after I got Instacash keywords’ free niche and 5 free articles, I was impressed and very excited. I felt like I had found a way to give my article marketing project an honest go of it.

After so many terrible experiences with gurus who sell you their money making system after its usefulness has gone south, you probably wonder if Travis and Matt are going to over-saturate the niches by revealing this information. However, Travis and Matt promised the solution is to strictly limit the number of people who can purchase each group of keywords. Each group will only be sold to 300 customers.

Anyway, I was so impressed after getting the free package and the niches that were introduced, that I purchased the trial for $4.95. I got the 7 hot niches and the low competition keywords list as promised. So far, I have written and submitted two articles. One from the group of niches provided by the service and one from a niche that I had tried marketing to unsuccessfully with ads and such. It nice to feel in control and have direction to pull towards


I have been so disillusioned with Internet Marketing and all of these new fads and scams to make money being rolled out. However, I am so excited to have found a shortcut to article marketing which delivers hot niches, low competition keywords and insight into the right marketing approach to pre-sell the product being promoted. All I have to do is create the articles and/or blogs to put my offers in front those buyers who are matched for my services. It is gratifying to finally have a real way to make money online which I can create in one day but can provide a recurring income. How many jobs do you know where you can get paid for the work you did today over and over, into the future.

By the Way, would you like to learn more about how InstaCash Keywords can increase the traffic to your websites free? If so, I suggest you check out this free video: My Instacash Keywords Review

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